Every day in our office, we have variations on the same questions. These questions are important, and we want to answer them to the best of our ability so you can feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your experience. Skip to Main Content

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Why do I have to have that “puff of air” in my eyes?

A vital part of checking the health of your eyes is to monitor pressure inside of you eye. The puff of air helps Dr. Riley to determine if your intraocular pressure is within normal ranges.


‘Why do I need to provide medical insurance if I am just receiving an eye exam?’

An important part of the eye exam is to check the health of your eyes. Eye health is just as important as the health of every organ in your body. Vision insurance can help with contact lens exams, glasses exams, and can aid in giving benefits for purchase of corrective eye wear.

There is always a possibility that something has changed with the health of your eye. Medical insurance may cover many health occurrences that Vision insurance may not. For example: allergies, dryness, high pressure, cataracts, injury, red eye, diabetes, etc.


‘How old does my child have to be to see Dr. Riley?’

Concern for your child’s vision is important at any age, from infancy to high school. Even though children may not be able to tell her what is wrong, she can still check the eye health, muscle health, refractive errors, binocularilty, and address concerns of parents.


‘Do I have to have my eyes dilated? Do I need a ride?’

The purpose of dilation is to relax your pupils to allow for a wider range of vision for Dr. Riley to assess eye health. This is done using eye drops, taking roughly 30 additional minutes to your exam to complete. It will leave your eyes sensitive to light and cause blurred vision at close distances for several hours. You should be able to drive with sunglasses.

There is another option! Optos retinal imaging can allow Dr. Riley to see a wider range of vision for eye health, and will not require drops, additional exam time, or any eye sensitivity. Some insurance plans cover these photos, and are a great option for busy lives.


If you have any questions, please feel free to let our knowledgeable team know.